• Zombie Society - DEAD DETECTIVE

    the game's been greenlit on steam!

    coming around february 2018

  • News!!

    ... or rather, Francesco's rants

    May 8, 2017 · Monday Update,Rants,kickstarter
    Okay, I've been thinking about Zombie Society and what to do with it. The failure of the Kickstarter campaign was a small disappointment, but it won't stop me from making other entries in the series. The Steam Greelinght campaign, on the other hand, is progressing nicely. But it's a matter of...
    May 3, 2017 · tutorial,kickstarter,Rants
    As you might know, I’ve been making web games for more than ten years now, and I recently decided to make a step further and try to fund a desktop, full-length point-and-click game, titled “Zombie Society – Dead Detective”, with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. I failed. But I’ve been...
    April 25, 2017 · kickstarter,Monday Update
    I've tried my best, but it now appears evident that I won't be able to release the new free case before the end of the Kickstarter campaign. Not unless I rush it, compromising its quality and turning it into *bad* advertisement for the full game. It is also becoming evident that the campaign will...
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    FREE to play point and click adventures

    Play it on Newgrounds


    A free, self-contained demo of the upcoming Point and Click detective adventure

    Zombies have conquered the world, and they have established their own society.
    It's a lot of fun, but even zombie society has its criminals!

    Meet Margh, undead private detective, and help him solve the case at hand in this funny point and click adventure!

    Interrogate the suspects, find clues and combine them as if they were items in your inventory, form your own deductions and find the culprit... or accuse the wrong zombie!
    (Click on the picture to play it online for free!)

    Play it on Newgrounds!

    Dead detective - walls can bleed

    Another free, self-contained chapter to promote the desktop game

    A menacing message on a wall, a phantom vandal and another mystery for our favourite zombie duo!

    Play it on Newgrounds!


    A classic point and click game... or is it?

    A snobby video game reviewer named Ron gets trapped in a buggy and poorly drawn point'n click game - a genre he hates from the bottom of his heart.

    Pretty soon Ron learns that if he wants to leave he's left with only two choices: to beat the game, or to cheat it!
    (Click on the picture to play it online for free!)


    Read these animated web comics, change the story with your choices

    Play it on Newgrounds

    Zombie society - death after death 1/3

    "Brain Drain!"

    Zombies have conquered the planet, and living humans are now reared on farms.
    But a mystery has erupted in the seemingly peaceful Zombie Society, and it's up to Detective Margh and his sidekick Ghvnn to figure it out.

    Read along, find clues, ask the right questions and help Margh make choices that will alter the plot in this and future episodes, and perhaps find out that this mystery goes deeper than you thought.
    (Click on the picture to play it online for free!)

    Play it on Newgrounds

    Zombie society - death after death 2/3

    "Books are for brains"

    Detective Margh and his sidekick Ghvnn are investigating a massive breakout and missing Brains at his friends, Acka. Being a zombie society losing your supply of humans and their fresh head organs is a pretty big deal, but the deeper Margh looks into it the deeper the mysteries go and it may soon be that our detective is going to be in way over his head.
    (Click on the picture to play it online for free!)

    Play it on Newgrounds

    Zombie society - death after death 3/3

    "Dead-cold case"

    What's the answer behind the mistery of the missing zombies? Is everything really alright in Zombie Society?

    Read along, find clues, ask the right questions and help Margh make choices that will alter the plot and lead to three different endings (plus a secret one).
    (Click on the picture to play it online for free!)

  • Interact... tales?

    why such a complicated name?

    Come on, it's not that complicated! ... Is it?

    Interactales is an independent game developer based in Lecce, south Italy, formed in early 2015.

    The name represents the two most important aspects that we want all our creations to share:


    We like good stories. We think you players do, too. Heck, who doesn't?
    Each one of our games is trying to do mainly one thing: to tell a good story. More than that: we want YOU to tell it!


    From changing the outcome of a dialogue to major plot points, the player's choices matter!
    Our main goal is to make you feel engaged in the story and to actively be a part of it like never before!

  • Staff & Collaborators

    A bunch of people very passionate about what they do

    Francesco Dell'Anna Muia

    Game designer, writer, programmer, amateur artist

    Fairly known developer on Newgrounds since 2007, and freelance developer for Y8.com from 2014 to 2016, he's the founder of Interactales, and the guy writing all this stuff in the third person to look all professional-like.
    He's got a weird sense of humour, I'll tell you that.

    Visit her website!

    Giorgia Longo

    Comic book artist

    The artist that brought to life the undead characters of Zombie Society!
    But she's done some other pretty awesome stuff, too, like the comic book "Martha e le sue ombre", published by ProGlo in 2013.

    Antonio Mariano

    Music composer

    He composed the complete soundtrack of both "Escape the Game" and "Zombie Society - Death after death".
    And he did a terrific job at that!
    A real musical genius.


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