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Monday's UPDATE #8

Bad news, everyone

· kickstarter,Monday Update

I've tried my best, but it now appears evident that I won't be able to release the new free case before the end of the Kickstarter campaign. Not unless I rush it, compromising its quality and turning it into *bad* advertisement for the full game.
It is also becoming evident that the campaign will fail.
I know, I know, I won't give up until the very last second... But I have to face the possibility.

where to go from here?

Don't doubt for a second that I will keep my promises. The campaign failure will only mean that I'll make the game shorter, and that I'll release it for free on the web. The backers *will* be in it either way.
Not three different cases, then, but a single one... that will be much longer than the first, anyway, and will convey the *main* story I had in mind since day one.

That also means I have to re-design the new free case, and I'll be working on that from today onward. All the work I've already done on it won't be lost, as I'll think of a way to include it in the new design - I already have a few ideas.

Thank you for your support, "Zombie Society - Dead Detective" will come to life

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