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Monday's UPDATE #9

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Okay, I've been thinking about Zombie Society and what to do with it.

The failure of the Kickstarter campaign was a small disappointment, but it won't stop me from making other entries in the series.

The Steam Greelinght campaign, on the other hand, is progressing nicely. But it's a matter of time before Valve shuts down Greenlight for good. So I can't really count on that, either.

This considerations bring me to today's big question:

how will "zombie society - dead detective" come to life?

At the moment it looks like working on a complete, long game could be counterproductive. I can't totally ignore the possibility that the game might end up on Steam, though.

So, I'll go back to my original plan: the episodic, web format.

Despite the campaign's failure, I've found a good number of new fans and backers, maybe even a little too many to make them all fit in one episode - and I'm very glad of that.

So, today I'll send a message to the backers whom I haven't contacted yet, asking you to answer a few questions (like your hobbies, and what you like and dislike) and then I'll draw all of you inside the game.

But please be patient. It could be next episode, it could be the one after that.
I want to insert your characters inside a coherent story, so I won't shoehorn all of you in a 30 minutes chapter.

On another note, I need to plan the story for all future chapters, so I hope you'll be quick with your replies! Let me know as soon as you can, it'll probably be too late to insert your character inside the story if your answers come, say, a month later!

That is all. Let me just say that the first episode (or rather, the second) of the series is now a couple of weeks away from being ready, and it'll be titled "reborn". You'll see why soon enough.

Thank you again for your support, and see you in Zombie Society!

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